WN 60 overlooking Omaha Beach, photo by Sunilda NOËL

I have been guiding on the DDay landing sectors since 2013.
Born and raised in Valognes, a small town between Utah beach and Cherbourg, I grew up listening to my family remembering what happened during the Second World War.

I was 9 years old when I attended the 50th anniversary of DDay in Ste Mere Eglise. Being in the crowd of this usually quiet village, cheering veterans is a memory I cherish.

It took me a few more years to really understand the importance of the events which took place in my homeland in 1944.

Sharing the stories of both civilians and soldiers who fought to liberate Normandy is my humble way to thank them for their sacrifices.

Discover D-Day and the battle of Normandy through the stories of a local guide

Normandy American Cemetery, photo by Sunilda NOËL